5 tips to look after your Shellac nails
Those of us who remember the pain of acrylic nails will feel delighted about the option of Shellac. A 14 day nail varnish that is cured under UV light for lasting shine. Your lifestyle is likely to affect how well your Shellac will last, however we’ve compiled a list of hints and tips to help you get the most from your nails:

1. Jewels not tools
A phrase we often use is ‘jewels not tools’ and it’s true. Simple everyday tasks like opening a can will really damage the appearance of your Shellac nails and even damage your natural nail. Wear gloves when cleaning or washing up and avoid harsh chemicals.

2. Cuticle oil
Use this to feed your nails with the moisture they need to avoid cracking or lifting. We would advise using a moisturiser in the day time to keep your hands hydrated and then choose a heavier cuticle oil to use just before you go to bed.

3. Changing colours
If you’ve got a specific outfit you want to wear but your nails really don’t match; you can paint over your Shellac manicure – just remember to use a non-acetone nail varnish remover. If changing the colour of your nails within two weeks is important, why not try a clear Shellac colour or light nude, as this will give a better finish when you add other colours.

4. Holiday
Sun exposure, sun tan oils, insect repellents and swimming pools can all fade your chosen Shellac colour. Make sure you dry your hands and nails after swimming, and wash your hands thoroughly after applying any oils or repellents.

5. Removal
We know how tempting it can be if one of your nails lift at an edge to pull the entire thing off. And then why stop at just one nail – you suddenly find yourself surrounded by Shellac varnish and your severely damaged nails. Removing your Shellac at home may damage the surface of your nails, defeating the purpose of the Shellac system. Call your beauty salon and book in to have them professionally removed.

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I regularly have eye lash extensions at Touch of Glamour, they look great and last for weeks. Thank you for the lovely service from the TOG team.
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