Murad Facials

Dr Murad is a dermatologist, pharmacist & researcher who has created an extensive home care range and clinically proven facials to suit your individual needs. Combining the most advanced ingredients with the latest skincare technology, these tailor made facials will leave your skin instantly youthful, radiant & flawless. The Murad range is suitable for any skin types & can treat all concerns. During your consultation we will establish which treatment will give you the best results for your skin.

Resurgence Renewal Facial 60 minutes £70.00

A luxurious facial to firm, hydrate reduce lines & restore a luminous glow & a smooth even texture. Ideal for pre or post menopausal skin or skin prone to hormonal outbreaks.

Anti-Ageing Rapid Peel 60 minutes £70.00

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles with powerful exfoliators while infusing the skin with long-lasting hydration. This results-orientated facial will leave your skin brighter, smoother and firmer after just one treatment.

AHA Rapid Exfoliator Facial 60 minutes £70.00

Uniquely formulated to reduce the visible signs of ageing, this exfoliating & resurfacing treatment will reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and reveal smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin.

Vitamin C Infusion Facial 60 minutes £70.00

Radiance boosting, brightening and anti-ageing facial with pure Vitamin C to treat the effects of stress and environmental damage.

Redness Therapy Facial 60 minutes £70.00

This facial helps to calm & soothe redness & inflammation within the skin.  Great for rosecea or skin irritated by lifestyle or medication.

Clearly Youthful Facial 60 minutes £70.00

This dual-action treatment dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles while clearing breakouts, oiliness & congestion. Plump the skin and diminish lines whilst clearing pores, soothing redness and relieving inflammation.

Blemish Control Facial 60 minutes £70.00

Whether you have occasional breakouts, oily, congested skin or severe acne, this facial is for you. This scientifically formulated facial will deep clean clogged pores, dramatically improve skin clarity, and reduce redness and blemishes whilst preventing future breakouts.

Pom Power Pore Cleansing Facial 30 minutes £30.00

A deep cleansing pomegranate facial to power away dirt and impurities to keep skin free of grime and remove skin that’s past its prime. Ideal for a teenage skin too.

Hydrolyte Moisture Iinfusion 15 minutes £10.00

Add on to any Murad Treatment

This intensely hydrating treatment add-on doubles skin hydration for up to 8 hours. The ultra-hydrating serum-and-spray moisturising system infuses skin with essential nutrients that increase cellular hydration, plumpness and firmness. Receive a free hydrating spray to take with you at the end of the facial to keep your skin hydrated.

Firming Eye Mask 15 minutes £12.00

Soothe, refresh, and revive the delicate eye area while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

SOS Back Cleanse 60 mins £60.

An exclusive Touch of Glamour treatment using Murad products to help deeply cleanse and decongest the back whilst helping to moisturise & hydrate with a soothing massage & treatment mask.


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Am feeling totally relaxed after my facial today. My therapist was well informed and the treatment was an hour of pure bliss. Thank you.
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