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22 January 2019

Confessions of a reformed make up wipe user......our receptionist Helen!

Following my big '50' and after years of using make-up wipes I decided it was time to take my skin care more seriously. I invested in the Elemis Superfood range following expert advice from my new colleagues/friends at Touch of Glamour and the most amazing Elemis Superfood facial.

Sticking to my new skin care routine has proved effortless and I absolutely love these products, they smell incredible. My skin already looks brighter and feels really soft. Although initially a little reluctant at using the Superfood oil as my skin can be quite oily, this is now my firm favourite!

07 November 2018

Henna Brows!

Everyone talks about brows – whether they wish their brows were fuller, thinner, lighter, darker, should I tint, should I wax, should I try microblading or semi permanent tattooing...well now there is also henna brows to consider too.

Henna has been used for body design for over 5000 years as well as for dying fabrics & leather. The henna plant grows in hot climates & is a flowering plant which can grow up to 15 feet tall with a scent similar to tea rose.

We are all familiar with the beautiful henna designs on hands and feet which traditionally were for special occasions in Africa, Pakistan, India & the Middle East but why use henna on your eyebrows?

Henna brows offer longer lasting colour than a conventional eye brow tint & a longer lasting stain on your skin too.

It is ammonia & peroxide free so is great for a more sensitive skin & is vegan friendly.

We use Elleebana Henna which offers a variety of colours & colour combinations to get the right shade for you, to look natural, with fuller brows for longer. It is also a great alternative if you do not want to have the invasive procedure of microblading or you need a top up for your already bladed brows. A great solution for a minimalist routine in our busy lives.

The henna brow treatment includes a full consultation, with henna colouring & brow shaping/tidying too.

A 48 hour patch test is required.


Available from December.


04 September 2018

Autumn Skincare routine.....can I really be bothered??

There is an Autumnal feel in the air & at this time of year our skin needs a little help in hand.

After the long sunshine filled days of the summer, maybe a little over indulgence on holiday, too many late nights & a lacks or lack of skincare routine.... it is now time to get your skin back into condition.

Remember to include a mask in your weekly routine, as well as exfoliation twice a week to brighten the skin & more importantly to remove dead skin cells so that your serums & moisturisers can penetrate into the new skin & work more effectively. Exfoliating more than twice a week can in fact cause dehydration as you are over processing the skin, so twice a week is fine unless your skincare therapist advises otherwise.

The sunshine may have diminished but the damage from the Autumn sun has not – SPF is still a must throughout the Autumn & Winter as it will protect from the sun & other environmental aggressors. I cannot recommend highly enough the Murad City Skin SPF 50 – this gives great sun protection in a lightweight, non greasy formula and also gives protection from artificial lighting & blue light damage from our electronic devices. More & more similar products are coming on to the market as we try to combat the skin damage caused by these two factors.

So, when you get ready for bed this evening, try & do your evening skin routine – cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream, night cream. It only takes a few minutes & will make all the difference to what you see in the mirror in the morning & in 10 years time too.....


Which skincare product is right for me?
13 August 2018

Which skincare product is right for me?

We can all feel a little overwhelmed when we visit shops or websites to purchase our next skincare product. Is it the best for my skin concerns? Will it suit my skin? Will it be too rich, too oily? Will my makeup sit over the top of it? Will I notice a positive difference? If you are asking yourself these questions....why not book an appointment with Emma on our Skincare Masterclass day on Friday 7th September. Enjoy a 30 minute bespoke Elemis or Murad facial with advice on the appropriate homecare routine to suit your skin & your lifestyle. There is a £20 booking fee which is redeemable against two product purchases. To book your 45 minute appointment, call us to book 01763 271122.

Wedding Make Up Trends 2014
22 March 2018

Wedding Make Up Trends 2014

We just love meeting brides-to-be and showing them the different options available for their wedding day make-up. Our trained staff offer a make-up lessons and professional make-up for the entire bridal party.

bareMinerals is our chosen range, as it is a pure mineral lightweight make-up suitable for all skin types and gives a dewy healthy glow to the skin. In this blog we’ve taken a look at the trends that are dominating 2014.

A staple product in most of our bags is the black liner, and this can be translated into your wedding day look, with a thin feline flick from the corner of each eye – giving a subtle, yet distinctive look.

If you’re going for a minimal make-up look, then perfectly groomed eyebrows are a must, with most designers and artists favouring larger brows to give greater definition on the eye area. But don’t worry if you haven’t naturally got thicker brows, our team can create this look for you.

We’ve seen a greater focus on bridesmaid make-up so far in 2014, and this largely looks at creating an impact without overshadowing the bride. A really interesting way to do this is with lipstick, using a bright pink or orange lipstick to give definition.

The team here at Touch of Glamour love keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and styles that are dominating the catwalk. So whatever look you want to achieve, give the team a call to book your free 30 minute consultation to colour match the right products to your skin tone.

Bamboo Massage
19 March 2018

Bamboo Massage

Bamboo Massage available from 12th February! For centuries, bamboo has had a wide range of uses from fishing rods to Shinai swords in Japan, but we have a much gentler and relaxing use for the canes with our new bamboo massage treatment.  The bamboo canes are gently warmed to give a deep firm massage to release tension and easing knots.
This ancient Asian therapy takes an holistic approach, focusing on treating your mind, body and spirit, helping to relieve stress, improve posture and give deep muscle relaxation giving you a greater sense of well being.  The combination of using hands on therapy with varying sizes of bamboo cane allow for a deeper kneading of muscle tissue with the canes being rolled over the body.  Together with the use of aromatherapy oils you will feel rejuvenated and relaxed with a calmer being!

Full Body £60. 75mins
Back massage £35. 30mins.
A Great gift for Valentine's!

Give your lashes the WOW factor!
10 January 2018

Give your lashes the WOW factor!

LVL (Lift, volume, length) is a lash treatment that works on the client’s own natural lashes. No extensions, no damage and little maintenance! The procedure involves the lashes being lifted from the root to create length and lift, giving the client longer looking lashes without the use of mascara. A volumising product is used on the lashes to enhance volume and create a fuller and thicker lash effect. A tint is also included in the treatment to add extra definition and to give the look of mascara. LVL is a perfect treatment for anyone, particularly contact lens wearers, if you are a keen ‘gym goer’ or swimmer or if you are just short of time for morning make up application!  It is a really comfortable to have done as your eyes are closed throughout, making it relaxing and a pleasurable treatment!'  The treatment last 6-8 weeks.  £45.  60mins.  *48 Hour patch test required.  You cannot get your lashes wet for 24 hours after the treatment so just plan your hair wash beforehand.!