Henna Brows!

Everyone talks about brows – whether they wish their brows were fuller, thinner, lighter, darker, should I tint, should I wax, should I try microblading or semi permanent tattooing...well now there is also henna brows to consider too.

Henna has been used for body design for over 5000 years as well as for dying fabrics & leather. The henna plant grows in hot climates & is a flowering plant which can grow up to 15 feet tall with a scent similar to tea rose.

We are all familiar with the beautiful henna designs on hands and feet which traditionally were for special occasions in Africa, Pakistan, India & the Middle East but why use henna on your eyebrows?

Henna brows offer longer lasting colour than a conventional eye brow tint & a longer lasting stain on your skin too.

It is ammonia & peroxide free so is great for a more sensitive skin & is vegan friendly.

We use Elleebana Henna which offers a variety of colours & colour combinations to get the right shade for you, to look natural, with fuller brows for longer. It is also a great alternative if you do not want to have the invasive procedure of microblading or you need a top up for your already bladed brows. A great solution for a minimalist routine in our busy lives.

The henna brow treatment includes a full consultation, with henna colouring & brow shaping/tidying too.

A 48 hour patch test is required.


Available from December.


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