Bamboo Massage

Bamboo Massage available from 12th February! For centuries, bamboo has had a wide range of uses from fishing rods to Shinai swords in Japan, but we have a much gentler and relaxing use for the canes with our new bamboo massage treatment.  The bamboo canes are gently warmed to give a deep firm massage to release tension and easing knots.
This ancient Asian therapy takes an holistic approach, focusing on treating your mind, body and spirit, helping to relieve stress, improve posture and give deep muscle relaxation giving you a greater sense of well being.  The combination of using hands on therapy with varying sizes of bamboo cane allow for a deeper kneading of muscle tissue with the canes being rolled over the body.  Together with the use of aromatherapy oils you will feel rejuvenated and relaxed with a calmer being!

Full Body £60. 75mins
Back massage £35. 30mins.
A Great gift for Valentine's!

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