Autumn Skincare routine.....can I really be bothered??

There is an Autumnal feel in the air & at this time of year our skin needs a little help in hand.

After the long sunshine filled days of the summer, maybe a little over indulgence on holiday, too many late nights & a lacks or lack of skincare routine.... it is now time to get your skin back into condition.

Remember to include a mask in your weekly routine, as well as exfoliation twice a week to brighten the skin & more importantly to remove dead skin cells so that your serums & moisturisers can penetrate into the new skin & work more effectively. Exfoliating more than twice a week can in fact cause dehydration as you are over processing the skin, so twice a week is fine unless your skincare therapist advises otherwise.

The sunshine may have diminished but the damage from the Autumn sun has not – SPF is still a must throughout the Autumn & Winter as it will protect from the sun & other environmental aggressors. I cannot recommend highly enough the Murad City Skin SPF 50 – this gives great sun protection in a lightweight, non greasy formula and also gives protection from artificial lighting & blue light damage from our electronic devices. More & more similar products are coming on to the market as we try to combat the skin damage caused by these two factors.

So, when you get ready for bed this evening, try & do your evening skin routine – cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream, night cream. It only takes a few minutes & will make all the difference to what you see in the mirror in the morning & in 10 years time too.....


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